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August 21, 2022 / admin

Another Window Into Social Impact Infrastructure Organizations

Social impact infrastructure organizations create critical infrastructure plus the regional, national, and global resources we all use and need. Organizations including GoFundMe and GivingTuesday unlock large reservoirs of charitable capital that support countless nonprofits. Imagine what the world would be like today without Charity Navigator, which helps the general public give with greater confidence. Try to imagine how difficult it would be for nonprofits to secure grants without Candid. Where would we be today without GIIN, the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network, Confluence Philanthropy, and other social impact infrastructure organizations that have collectively helped create a $1.164 trillion dollar global impact investment market? Where would we be without the National Council of Nonprofits, TechSoup, Resource Generation and others that collectively reach over 1.2 million nonprofits in 236 countries?

Some readers might remember a time when a very small percentage of foundations knew what it meant to engage in mission-related investing, the SDGs, equity and inclusion, localized aid, trust-based philanthropy, strategic philanthropy, multi-stakeholder partnerships, collaborations, giving circles, affinity groups, capacity building, or partnering with communities. Each of these has created immense assets, and social impact infrastructure organizations were directly involved.

Propel Philanthropy lists 28+ social impact infrastructure organizations by category, including:

  • Charitable, Development, and Human Resource Accelerators
  • Donor-serving organizations
  • Field Building Organizations
  • Hybrid Organizations
  • Media Platforms in Philanthropy
  • Nonprofit-Serving Organizations
  • Social Investment Accelerators
  • Training and Leadership Development

By also reading some of our blog posts and articles, you will likely gain a deeper appreciation for the role infrastructure organizations play within the philanthropy, nonprofit, and social impact sectors. You can also find out more about these organizations here »



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